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I help empower women to feel confident, calmer & more fulfilled within their lives & careers.

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Emily provides life coaching for women who are lacking fulfilment & experiencing high levels of pressure within their lives & careers. To support them with coping strategies & mindset transformation to enable them to learn to thrive!

Emily is an experienced Empowerment Life Coach for women who want to thrive in their lives & careers

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Life Coaching Low Down

What is life coaching? Well, as a coach, I help my clients get to know themselves better by uncovering their own insights and truths, so they can reach the outcomes they want. Much of the success of coaching is down to the trust we build in the coach-client relationship.

I offer one-off coaching sessions as well as a 12-week coaching package for women who are ready to shift something in their lives & careers, no matter how big or small. I offer a safe space where my clients feel heard and reassured, whilst supporting them to overcome their blocks, achieve their goals & find fulfilment.

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Whether you're hoping for self-guided resources or 1:1 coaching to help you gain ultimate fulfilment in your life, I have you covered. Grab a cuppa & dive into the details with me!


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Join Emily as you transform your mindset, up-level you confidence, step into your power, thrive in both your life & career and ultimately become the woman you were always meant to be.

'Thrive in the 9-5' Podcast supports professional women by providing exclusive & hilarious shows, based around the concept of mindset hackery coping strategies for all workplace dramas and situation.


Thrive in the 9-5


“Working with Emily was fantastic, she helped me get really clear in exactly what I wanted.”



Positive psychology is a scientific approach focused on strengths instead of weaknesses and building the good in life instead of repairing the bad. I believe in helping my clients leverage their inner strengths and values to reach a more authentic version of themselves in life and at work.

We start by discussing a particular life or work challenge, but I’m interested in all parts of you and we will inevitably explore how this challenge is linked to other parts of your life (relationships, wellbeing or mindsets etc).

An approach grounded in positive psychology 

High Thrive

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I'm Emily,

I am here to remind you of your greatness as well as providing you with complete mindset transformation techniques and life long coping strategies so you can stand in your power and find fulfilment in your life and career.

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I offer either one off coaching sessions or a 12 weeks 1:1 tailored coaching package to bring you complete fulfilment and eradicate stress, burnout & overwhelm

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The Secret To Thrive In The 9-5

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This online course is designed to lay out the secrets to overcoming your burnout & reach job fulfilment through clarity, belief work & inspired action techniques

High Thrive

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FREE 3 Day Online Course to instantly remove stress, burnout & overwhelm and restore healthy boundaries




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