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A FREE 3-day transformation to eradicate stress & overwhelm and re-establish boundaries. Leaving you feeling empowered, confident, calmer & more fulfilled, so you can positively stand in your power & TRIVE in both your career & life. 

In This Free Course

The #1 secret to thrive in all environments including work


Instantly release stress and return the body to a restful state amidst the chaos


How to work through your deep rooted feelings of overwhelm 


Tune into your next level self away from stress, overwhelm & burnout



 How to flip the switch on stress & embody the confidence of a someone in control


How to instantly affirm and reset your boundaries so you can stay in your positive power


What's Included in your Instant Access to the High Thrive Vibes:

1 x eft tapping session

3 x 15 minute daily training videos

1 X 15 minute peace & calm meditation

Fulfilment exercises 

1 X breathwork session

1 X SPECIAL bonus video 


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Day One

Having a clear understanding of what causes stress and how this leads to burnout can help identify where you are on your journey towards fulfilment. Tools and questions to dig deep are used here whilst a relaxing stress alleviating meditation is provided for an instant hit of calm.

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Day Two

We dive into the feelings of overwhelm and shift the focus on to your own mindset beliefs leading to the  beahviour. But don't worry, we will kick overwhelm in the butt with a beautiful EFT Tapping Session.

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Day Three

Stress, burnout & overwhelm can all be attributed to having weak personal boundaries in place. Day 3 looks deep into your own boundary behaviour and how to recognise and address crossed boundaries. We finish off with a 5 min breathwork audio to reset boundaries in an instant.

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“Thanks so much for the free 3 day training - I found it so useful and packed full of amazing tools and techniques. I particularly liked the breath work audio and spending a few minutes thinking of all the things I was grateful for in my job immediately made me feel more energised. Heading over to your fb group now! “

- julia

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"Emily's stress busting meditation quite literally changed my mood in an instant."

Download your FREE Stress Busting
5 Min Meditation

Quite literally hit the reset button at work with this Free 5 minute audio 'Stress Busting Activation' to make you calm and relaxed in an INSTANT so you can tackle whatever challenges lie ahead with confidence & ease! 

Listen to this daily to:
+ Raise your positive frequency
+ Upgrade your self worth & confidence
+ Activate your inner calm

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"Margi's guide was kick-ass indeed and quite literally changed how I show up on social." - Jen Olmstead

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"I pushed through my boundaries at work to get closer to my goals!"

“Working with Emily was fantastic, she helped me get really clear in exactly what I wanted whilst uncovering my beliefs that were holding me back some I didn’t realise were even there! After our sessions I felt motivated and it gave me the confidence. Highly recommend Emily!”



Thrive Vibes!

"Her unique & holistic approach combined with her impeccable listening skills make her a fantastic coach."

I approached Emily after a really tough few years at work that culminated in my role being made redundant. I wanted some career and mindset coaching to help me heal and also to focus on what I could do next in order to get job fulfilment.  Emily has opened by eyes to the opportunities open to me and made me feel so much more confident and calm. 



"Through Emily's dedication I started building the life I truly wanted to live but didn’t have the courage to"

“Working with Emily has been eye opening for me. She is a great listener and knows how to hold space for the client. This is very important because sometimes, even if we might have an idea of what kind of beliefs are blocking us, it’s difficult to identify that one core belief we need to dismantle in order to break free and finally reach that happiness we desire. 


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Steal My Morning Rituals For Success

You owe it to yourself and your desires to check in each morning and take the time to find balance. A purposeful morning ritual will set you up for the day in a calm, confidence and positive way and after all, balance brings alignment which brings freedom, clarity and strength.

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Morning Rituals For Success

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