What I Offer

I offer 1:1 life coaching sessions & packages as well as an online self-study course. Designed for women who are feeling stuck in their lives & careers & not quite sure how to make the necessary changes but who want to define & work towards more fulfilling life goals. My services are also designed for those who feel burned out, lacking the resilience and confidence to get back on track.

I have made it my mission to support you with the right coping strategies, mindset & transformation to enable you to thrive in your life.



I get it! I've been there, and after experiencing huge stress, overwhelm & burnout in my professional roles for years, I finally sought help & realised that with support, strategies & tools I was able to completely transform my mindset & learn to cope better in situations where I previously would have struggled. Now, I coach & support women to learn how to live & cope differently within their career, with the end result being to thrive & find fulfilment in their roles. 

You're stronger than you think you are. But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your super power to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what works.

You're in the right place.

"I was able to start seeing myself from a different perspective and building the life I truly wanted to live but didn’t have the courage to."


got her groove back:


"Emily used a wide range of techniques to help me move on and become clear on my purpose. She adapted these techniques over the course of our time working together based on what I needed and delivered a very bespoke structured approach. For example, at the beginning we did lots of work identifying limiting beliefs, calming meditations and absolutely fantastic healing approaches that really helped me accept my situation and all of the positives that could come from it."




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Life Coaching Low Down

What is life coaching? Well, as a coach, I help my clients get to know themselves better by uncovering their own insights and truths, so they can reach the outcomes they want. Much of the success of coaching is down to the trust we build in the coach-client relationship.

I offer one-off coaching sessions as well as a 12-week coaching package for women who are ready to shift something in their lives & careers, no matter how big or small. I offer a safe space where my clients feel heard and reassured, whilst supporting them to overcome their blocks, achieve their goals & find fulfilment.

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Ways to Work Together

I offer either a 1 off session or a powerful 12 weeks 1:1 tailored coaching package to bring you complete fulfilment and eradicate stress, burnout & overwhelm from your life


Online mini course designed to lay out the secrets to overcoming your burnout & reach job fulfilment through clarity, belief work & inspired action techniques


If you would like to discuss any of my services and how I can be of help to you then please book a FREE discovery call

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The universe has brought you here for a reason!

1:1 Coaching

The Ultimate 1:1 Coaching Package


In addition to the weekly sessions, there will be some time in between to reflect, work through some actions and make progress on your goals.

I often ask my clients to carry a notebook around so they can jot down the insights that come up in between sessions. 

Having a coach to be accountable to for the changes you make in your life can be really powerful.

Long story short? Over 12 weeks you will go from surviving to thriving, through tailored mindset transformations, coping strategies & stress management techniques.


You want to break the habit of stress & burnout and find fulfilment!

60 Minute Coaching Session


The 60-minute coaching session is for you if you’d like to experience being heard and held in a safe, open and comfortable environment. Very much led by what’s coming up for you, you’ll be able to talk about anything that’s coming up at the moment. I will use techniques and energy tools (if appropriate) to help move you to a more positive mindset. 

Whether it’s business, life or love, we can work through anything and everything together to help shift perspective, get you moving and uncover stuck energies. 

In the session you will get:

60 minute Zoom call or telephone-call (you can state your preference at the time of booking)

Open up the conversation with yourself around what’s keeping you stuck

We can work through limiting beliefs or negative thought patterns

Set goals, devise action plans and get you motivated

Follow-up notes and journaling prompts if required


You want to dip your toe into being coached without the investment price-tag

60 minute coaching session £25

Online Course


My online self-study course is jam packed with career & life altering goodness. Everything you need to establish the mindset shifts and transformations required to hone in on your goals, dreams and your lifes purpose.

You can eradicate those pesky limiting beliefs that are keeping you in a loop of burnout & stress.

Learn how to create inspired action plans to move you forward out of survival mode!

The Secret To Thrive In The 9-5!


You want a quick transformation & prefer to study alone & at your own pace to fit in around your hectic life

"I pushed through my boundaries at work to get closer to my goals!"

“Working with Emily was fantastic, she helped me get really clear in exactly what I wanted whilst uncovering my beliefs that were holding me back some I didn’t realise were even there! After our sessions I felt motivated and it gave me the confidence. Highly recommend Emily!”



Thrive Vibes!

"Her unique & holistic approach combined with her impeccable listening skills make her a fantastic coach."

I approached Emily after a really tough few years at work that culminated in my role being made redundant. I wanted some career and mindset coaching to help me heal and also to focus on what I could do next in order to get job fulfilment.  Emily has opened by eyes to the opportunities open to me and made me feel so much more confident and calm. 



"Through Emily's dedication I started building the life I truly wanted to live but didn’t have the courage to"

“Working with Emily has been eye opening for me. She is a great listener and knows how to hold space for the client. This is very important because sometimes, even if we might have an idea of what kind of beliefs are blocking us, it’s difficult to identify that one core belief we need to dismantle in order to break free and finally reach that happiness we desire. 


finally found her happiness


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