The Secret To Thrive In The 9-5
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My mission is to empower all women to feel confident, calmer & more fulfilled in their JOBS, so they can stand in their power & thrive in both their life & career

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Imagine waking up in the morning excited to go to work. You radiate positive energy and ooze confidence. You know there is no problem that you cannot overcome, no conversation that you cannot control. Imagine being respected, praised and valued for your contributions. You are admired by your coworkers and supported by your boss. Imagine living with purpose and working towards this everyday. Being focused, aligned & fulfilled in all areas of your life. 

I have been in your shoes and this picture was once a distant dream for me too, but now I am living this reality. The steps I took to reach this higher version of myself I lay bare with you within this course. My secrets are revealed and I invite you to experience this life for yourself.

Welcome to The Secret To Thrive In The 9-5 Course

Ready for your life to change?

Stress, overwhelm & burnout don't have to be permanent.

You are stuck in a cycle of stress and burnout from your job and nothing you have tried so far has helped ease it?

You spend your days exhausted, overwhelmed and trying to fit everything in to your day between life, family & work. The only way to feel in control is trying to control yourself with behaviours, hobbies & routines. 

You are living in survival mode. You are stressed, unhappy and unfulfilled, always thinking about the next day, running through your to-do lists; all the things you didn’t get done or the deadlines.

You are victim of intimidation within a male dominated, toxic masculine working environment. You’re tired of keeping everyone happy, never saying no to anyone. Scared to be seen as a failure if you ask for help.





You lack purpose and fulfilment within your career. You get no enjoyment out of your job and you dread Monday’s whilst living for the weekends.



is this you?

is this you?

"I needed quick results and opted for Emily's online course so I could work in my own time. I was blown away by the depth of the content. The course has so much to offer, loaded with thought provoking exercises that led to some huge shifts in my mindset, and a complete behavioural shift in my job."

— emma

"This course transformed my career!"

After experiencing huge stress, overwhelm & health issues in my 9-5 role, I finally sought help & realised that with correct support, strategies & tools I was able to transform my mindset. I learnt to cope better in situations where I previously would have struggled. Now, I coach & support professional women to learn how to live & cope positively within their careers...

I was able to transform my mindset after years of working in toxic environments

...the end result being to thrive & find fulfilment in their roles. 

but guess what...

 This online self-study course, with video training and downloadable worksheets, consists of 3 of my fundamental pillars for a complete mindset transformation. Designed to empower you to take inspired action towards shifting your career & life into fulfilment. Harness your own power to become consciously aligned with your career goals, removing those pesky beliefs and fears that are standing in your way so you can sour high up the ladder of success.


The Secret To Thrive In The 9-5!

Having a clear understanding of your goals is critical to finding fulfilment at work. It will help you map out a vision for success that feels good, attainable and aligned to who you are and what you truly want.

This module is all about identifying your beliefs and subconscious blocks that have led to your stress, overwhelm, burnout and unfulfilment at work. We will identify all the things that are no longer serving you and holding you back from achieving your goals and leading you to create environments that induce stress. 

Here's What You'll Learn

Clarity Audit

Beliefs Detox + Cleanse

module one

module tw0

When you take inspired action, you will arrive at your version of success and start attracting things towards you that are going to help you reach your goal; whether that be a more fulfilled job, a more positive outlook or a stress free and calmer version of yourself.

Action, Release + Attract

module Three


Using powerful techniques to discover your suppressed goals & purpose.

How does this sound?

Become aware of your self doubts & negative beliefs & how to transform them



the results you're going to get:

Learn manifestation techniques to reach job fulfilment 


Kick stress & burnout in the booty & feel calmer & confident


Create a positive job outlook with the improved ability to enjoy it, find ultimate fulfilment & start to thrive


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"I was able to start seeing myself from a different perspective and building the life I truly wanted to live but didn’t have the courage to."


got her groove back:


"Emily used a wide range of techniques to help me move on and become clear on my purpose. She adapted these techniques over the course of our time working together based on what I needed and delivered a very bespoke structured approach. For example, at the beginning we did lots of work identifying limiting beliefs, calming meditations and absolutely fantastic healing approaches that really helped me accept my situation and all of the positives that could come from it."




real results

One month from now you
will have wished you started today....

So let's get  you started!

"I pushed through my boundaries at work to get closer to my goals!"

“Working with Emily was fantastic, she helped me get really clear in exactly what I wanted whilst uncovering my beliefs that were holding me back some I didn’t realise were even there! After our sessions I felt motivated and it gave me the confidence. Highly recommend Emily!”



Thrive Vibes!

"Her unique & holistic approach combined with her impeccable listening skills make her a fantastic coach."

I approached Emily after a really tough few years at work that culminated in my role being made redundant. I wanted some career and mindset coaching to help me heal and also to focus on what I could do next in order to get job fulfilment.  Emily has opened by eyes to the opportunities open to me and made me feel so much more confident and calm. 



"Through Emily's dedication I started building the life I truly wanted to live but didn’t have the courage to"

“Working with Emily has been eye opening for me. She is a great listener and knows how to hold space for the client. This is very important because sometimes, even if we might have an idea of what kind of beliefs are blocking us, it’s difficult to identify that one core belief we need to dismantle in order to break free and finally reach that happiness we desire. 


finally found her happiness

I get it! I've been there, and after experiencing huge stress, overwhelm & burnout in my professional roles for years, I finally sought help & realised that with support, strategies & tools I was able to completely transform my mindset & learn to cope better in situations where I previously would have struggled. Now, I coach & support women to learn how to live & cope differently within their career, with the end result being to thrive & find fulfilment in their roles. 

You're stronger than you think you are. But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your super power to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what works.

You're in the right place.

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"This is your day. This is the time to go after it all.


You will feel more accomplished & purposeful by working towards your bigger goals

You will start to genuinely enjoy your job & find fulfilment in every day.

You think you want approval from your employer but in reality you want approval from yourself to know that you are enough & worthy just as you are. 

To be able to separate work from home life, and leave work at the office, knowing that when you come home your time & energy is yours.

To be approached by your employers for job opportunities or promotions because they see you as a valuable & respected employee, rather than you having to justify your contribution & suitability to the role.

Have a more positive outlook towards life & your job

By the end of this course, you will...

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I'm Emily,

I am here to remind you of your greatness as well as providing you with complete mindset transformation techniques and life long coping strategies so you can stand in your power and find fulfilment in your life and career.

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hey there!

This course is the only one of its kind because...

IT will totally & utterly transform you into...

...Someone who is in control of their shit / Someone who can easily protect their boundaries & energy / Being confident in own views, opinions & mannerisms / That women who has a spring in their step.

...Someone who has a work-life balance because of their depth of clarity / A women who embodies peace & fulfilment in life / A person able to leave work at work & come home ready to immerse themselves in their hobbies, their family, resting, taking care of themselves / Someone with positive relationships with friends & family / A women connected to those around them.


A powerful women who enjoys going to work everyday / Someone who harnesses positive energy which impacts on others around them / Someone who leaves others feeling lighter by their presence / They have a positive attitude & genuinely enjoy their role.

They have an acceptance of who they are & look with peace & contentment within themselves first. They do things with ease, flow & light heartedness. 

Study at your own pace

life long access

be part of a growing SUPPORT NETWORK

Follow a proven roadmap

This program includes everything you need to to become fulfilled at work.

Do you currently have the belief that you will be seen as a failure (by yourself & others) if you ask for help, because to you it means you can’t cope?

REFRAME: What if you asked yourself what the result of not getting help would look like?…. The reality is that your life & your job stays the same or gets worse. 

Investing in yourself; your life & your career.

Having a positive, calmer & confident mindset.

Achieving freedom over the control of your thoughts, feelings, actions & reactions in situations.

Relinquish yourself from stress, burnout & overwhelm by setting & achieving obtainable career based goals.

Genuinely enjoying your job & find fulfilment in the every day.

Feeling more balanced, rested, and in alignment with your job & also the life you want to create.

If you want THIS to be the year that you *finally* commit to:

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This      for you if:

You're sick of surviving & ready to thrive in your 9-5

you're currently happy in your job

you're a professional working women


you're ready for change 

It's probably       for you if...




It's probably
for you if...




Let's Do This Thing!

The Investment

3 modules + 1 bonus module

4 training videos

17 worksheets

2 meditation


Exceptional Value!

what's the plan:

How is your program different than others online courses?

I created this online course around my own personal transformation and formulated this process from tried and tested methodologies. I was so determined to spread the word about my own career mindset shifts that I felt it was my duty to quit my day job with zero pennies in the bank to bring this course to women in the same situation I found myself in; desperate to fall back in love with their jobs and live a fulfilled, full and expansive life again.

Frequently Asked Questions

You mentioned the online community, can you please elaborate on this?

When you sign up for this course you will have the opportunity to join a private and exclusive Facebook Community. This is a safe space where you can enjoy lifelong access to an incredible group of supportive professional women.

I am not currently in work at the moment so can I still be take up this course? 

Whats great about this course is that the questions I have designed as well as the tools, exercises and content can be transferable across all areas of your life. If you are not currently working at the moment but looking for a job, then this would be an ideal time to harness the power of the transformative effects of this course before commencing a new role in order to prepare your mindset, align yourself with your career goals which will help you take career based inspired action steps, leading you to land your ideal job.

How much time will I need to complete the course?

To watch the training videos and implement the exercises, you'll need to set aside a few hours per week per module (there are 3 modules). However, this course is designed with the working women in mind and therefore you will have life long access to all the course material. I designed the course in specific sequence for your benefit and transformation.


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Years worth of corporate experience


Of hours of life coach training accumulated


Clients I have coached out of burnout
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I completely understand. Every penny invested in yourself is an important one! But I don't want that to be the reason that stops you!

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